Children and Adolescents

At the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt, there is a long and rich tradition of working with children and young people, in which young people with and without disabilities live, learn, and play together.
We look after, educate, and support children and adolescents in day care and after-school care centers, in a special school for children with intellectual disabilities, and in an elementary school operated according to SGB VIII and XII.
These care and educational opportunities are a fundamental part of the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt as we work for a better future for society. The Foundation will continue to devote itself to the expansion of the children’s and youth campus in the future.

Our Guiding Principles

What do we wish for children and young people, and what can they achieve?

The child/ adolescent is the primary actor of his or her development,
The child/ adolescent builds up his or her own identity,
The child/ adolescent expands her or his own play area and acquires his or her own experiential knowledge,
The child/ adolescent develops her or his own friendships and learned social skills,
The child/ adolescent takes responsibility for self and other,
The child/ adolescent seeks, finds, and tests his or her own worth.

How do we help?

We accompany and respect the personalities of each child in her or his individual development,
We build trust and shape respectful dialogue and relationships,
We live in a respectful relationship with each child, and encourage respectful encounters between all children,
We promote the talents and abilities of each child,
We pay attention to the interests, expectations, hopes, and insecurities of each child and enable learning integrated with everyday life,
We give each child a strong orientation through personal role models and Christian values.

Our offers for children, adolescents and families

 Day Care and After-School Care

In der integrativen Kindertagesstätte Speilstunde in Neinstedt

Our offers in the district of Harz...



Our schools in the district of Harz

Child and Youth Services

Housing and care offer for children and adolescents in Neinstedt (SGB VIII and SGB XII)...


Everybody needs a different kind of support. The Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt helps and accompanies each age and every situation in life.