Seniors and people in need of care

The Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt supports, advises, and accompanies senior citizens and people in need of care, as well as their relatives, by offering a comprehensive range of care.

Our work is characterized by the Christian image of humanity and the wealth of experience from more than 160 years of diaconal service. We focus on human attention and mindfulness in our relationships with those entrusted to us, and rely on the high levels professionalism, education, and experience of our employees. We work holistically, respectfully, and reliably. In our diaconal work, the dignity of the human person is an indispensable value. The personalities of older people, their memories and experiences are a rich treasure to us to be guarded and preserved. Loving human interaction governs all our work, and our dedicated employees ensure comprehensive physical and mental well-being.

Our Hallmarks of Diaconal Care

We regard every person entrusted to us as whole in body, mind, and spirit. Every person in our care is an independent personality, whose dignity we respect and cherish. We consider every person as an individual, and his or her personal desires and needs are at the center of our daily nursing activities. The Christian values of our diaconal Foundation guide everything we say and do.

As caregivers, we strive to create an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and trust.

That means:

  • Mutual consideration
  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Openness and Communication
  • Transparency
  • The willingness to seek solutions

We accept the resident with her or his personality and take his or her needs and desires seriously.

Care for us means:

  • Maintaining and promoting residents‘ self-reliance within their means and, where the resident is limited in mobility or function for daily activities, promoting, supporting, and acting as a proxy when needed.
  • Preserving the human dignity of each individual.
  • Alleviating suffering.

In order to include relatives and other caregivers in resident care and well-being, and to obtain any existing resources or information, we seek to maintain contact.

For this we need to:

  • Know mutual expectations for care objectives.
  • Inform relatives about nursing goals.
  • Encourage relatives and friends to help.

Our offers for seniors and people in need of care

Places of Care

Our offers for permanent care, short-term care and preventive care

In-Home Care

Our mobile nursing services for outpatient and semi-stationary care

Community Centers

Our offers in the neighborhood


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