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Furaha Mbilinyi is seven years old and lives in Isapulano near Makete. He is a very active boy despite his health problems. Furaha suffers from early childhood brain damage (pre-natal CP). His muscles are inhibited in their growth. He has tetraplegia(?) and cannot speak well. But he understands everything. Furaha needs help in everyday life. The physical therapist Kirimia Ilomo takes care of him and works with Furaha to help him maintain what he has already learned and to develop it. Ilomo visits Furaha in his home, though occasionally Furaha comes to Tandala with his father. Furaha has developed very well. He has a zest for life and his social environment keeps getting bigger.

Physical Therapy in Tandala – For People with Disabilities in Tanzania

With the help of the Evangelische Stiftung – Neinstedt and Deacon Torten Strauß, a physical therapy location was able to be established in 2017 at the Diakoniezentrum-Tandala. Since then, Kirima Ilomo has been developing services for needy children and disabled adults int he area.
Ilomo was formed as a Deacon in Neinstedt and as a physical therapist in Quedlinburg, before returning to his home country in 2017. Among other things, he works according to industry standards.

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Information about the Diakoniezentrum-Tandala:

The Diakoniezentrum in Tandala is very active in the social issues of this region. It is a successful example of sustainable investment.

Goals of the Diakoniezentrum-Tandala:

  • strengthening families of children with disabilities;
  • the education of children with disabilities;
  • offering physical therapy to people with disabilities;
  • the vocational training of people with disabilities;
  • the continuing education and formation of diaconal staff;
  • the strengthening of social, handiwork, and business acumen in the Diakoniezentrum.


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