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The diaconal community is a community of faith and service made up of Protestant Christians, which supports the diaconal identity of the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt. Community members work full-time and as volunteers in parish communities and church offices, diaconal service providers, in business and in greater society. Today, the community numbers around 300 members. Community members live and work throughout Germany and is anchored in all facets of society. At this time, community members live and work in Tanzania, Austria, and Romania.

In this community of faith, life, and service – whether vocationally or avocationally – we feel bound to each other and strengthened by one another in three primary ways:

  • In connectedness with God and the Christian faith
  • In connectedness with one another
  • Connectedness in service

This connectedness and empowerment is seen in:

  • spiritual formation
  • lifelong companionship in our work and personal lives
  • continuing education in our respective theological, professional, and ethical areas of speciality
  • personalized community offerings for the strengthening, encouragement, and constructive critical reflection on our paths of life and service
  • This happens:
  • in regional meetings (conventions) in each state in Germany and in Tanzania
  • in professional exchange with one another
  • at our Annual Meeting (Community Days) in seminars, plenary sessions, bible studies, devotions, worship, and much time in community
  • in free time for families: days of reflection in Advent, continuing education weekends, and weekends of spiritual retreat and contemplation
  • through reciprocal visits
  • through support in financial and other emergencies

Elder of the Diaconal Community: Natalie Gaitzsch, Deacon, Neinstedt

Members of the Board of Elders:

  • Deacon Wolfgang Oswald, Chaplain, Neinstedt
  • Deacon Annett Herrmann, Religion Teacher, Westerhausen
  • Deacon Ronald Michalk, Curative Education Nurse, Neinstedt
  • Sister Ingrid Warweg, Curative Education Nurse, Oschersleben
  • Deacon Christoph Maerker, Nurse, Erfurt
  • Deacon Michael Weide, Dipl., Social Worker and Lecturer, Berlin
  • Deacon Natalie Gaitzsch, Elder, Neinstedt
  • Deacon Hans Jaekel, Executive Director, Neinstedt

Area Conference Leaders:

  • Berlin Conference: Brother Bernd Michael
  • Harz Conference: Sibling Matthias Andrae, Sibling Christian Eggert
  • Thuringia Conference: Sibling Christan Holtz, Sibling Bernhard Altenfelder, Sibling Anke Peter Hinz, Sibling Fritz Lohse
  • Saxony Conference: Sibling Torsten Otto, Sibling Achim Wendt
  • Conference: Brother Klaus Beyer
  • Mecklenburg Conference: Sibling Bernd Lippert, Sibling Maria Lippert

To stand alongside people, to devote time to them, to listen and search for ways out of despair and loneliness, but also to share profitable times - this is our work. We would like to translate our personal experiences with the liberating message of Jesus Christ into practical action and we feel connected to people in various situations of life.

  • People with physical, mental and emotional disabilities
  • People looking for pastoral care and counseling in our society
  • Children, adolescents, families and the elderly who are in extraordinary life situations
  • People looking for new forms of community

Our diaconal community gives us support for the demands we face daily. It strengthens and encourages us in our tasks. Through pastoral counseling, mentoring, and in prayer, we receive help in difficult situations of our lives. In this community, we see and know each other as equals.

We are responsible for education and training in the Diakonie School at the Lindenhof Neinstedt. In the boarding-school of the Lindenhof Brother House, young people gain insight into spiritual life together.

We maintain an intensive cooperation and training tradition in Tanzania with the local Diakonie Center in Tandala.

There are continuing education opportunities in theological, professional and ethical subjects. The Diaconal Community also meets in area conferences throughout Germany. At these regional meetings, theological and diaconal topics are discussed and community is made tangible. In addition, meeting times for different interest groups according to age or professional activity take place.

Each year in October, all diaconal siblings gather for four days for the Diaconal Community Days in Neinstedt.

Do you have the desire to enter into community life? Then please reach out to Natalie Gaitzsch, the Elder of the Diaconal Community.

Anyone looking for a spiritual and diaconal place is welcome. Here you will find "preparation" for the professional and spiritual requirements that arise in everyday life. In our regular meetings diaconal siblings experience three dimensions of connectedness:

  • Connectedness with God and in the Christian faith: through devotions, worship, bible study, prayer, and in discussion of theological-diaconal questions.
  • Connectedness with each other.
  • Connectedness in service: encouragement through collegial counsel and reflection through constructive criticism.


Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt
Diakonischen Gemeinschaft

Lindenstraße 3
06502 Thale, OT Neinstedt


Natalie Gaitzsch
Älteste der Diakonischen Gemeinschaft

Dozentin für theologisch-diakonische Bildung
Diakonin, Ergotherapeutin, B.A. Soziale Arbeit, M. Sc. Gerontologie

Natalie Gaitzsch
Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt
Diakonische Gemeinschaft
Lindenstraße 2
06502 Thale OT Neinstedt

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