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Free time is a basic part of human life. In leisure time, people seek to pursue their interests and expand their horizons. The Foundation intends to strengthen this area of life for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as some severe multiple disabilities. Diverse offers in the areas of sports, culture and church, education and holidays are being developed and expanded as part of the Foundation's leisure work.

„Leisure Work“ was the 2017 campaign theme. We are thrilled to announce a campaign total of €141,162.00 at the end of 2017. Thank you for your generosity!

Help us with your donation and support the charitable work of the Foundation.

So many people are looking for meaningful leisure activities, but find societal barriers in their way. Free time activities greatly enhance quality of life and overall contentment. Give the gift of joy in relaxation!


Here you can learn more about the projects being developed as a part of „Leisure Work.“

Thirteen-year-old Moritz has a busy day at school behind him. He lives together with other children in the Colorful House in Neinstedt. Due to spastic cerebral palsy and hip dysplasia, Moritz cannot walk on his own, and has only limited arm mobility. Nevertheless, Moritz is a happy boy. He understands a lot and when you talk to him, he’s all smiles. Moritz does not like being alone. If you ask him what he wants, he often answers, „Will you play with me please?“ In the afternoon, the children and teenagers of the Colorful House enjoy some free time. Moritz needs support due to his disabilities. And his is happy to try a variety of new, fun activities.

The construction of a music room with a soundboard for music therapy

It will allow Moritz and others to feel music through vibrations in the ground, and enjoy music in a different, corporeal way. The Foundation plans to establish a music room with a special soundboard in the new building oft he Markushaus.

Please help us create a music therapy center!

Carsten Plötner has been living at the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt for about thirty years. Spastic paralysis confines him to his bed and a special wheelchair. He also has an intellectual disability stemming from early childhood brain damage. Because of this, he relies on extensive support. Nevertheless, Carsten has hopes and dreams, which he often expresses to those around him. These dreams have inspired our employees to figure out how to make some oft hem come true; for example, Carsten’s desire to get to know better his surroundings. And why not be physically active at the same time?

Team/League Sports

Many residents of the foundation are active and successful in sports such as swimming, football, and table tennis. The Foundation has been a member of the Special Olympics organization since 2015. However, für people with severe physical disabilities participation in sports and athletic activity is difficult or impossible. With the goal of making athletics more accessible to all our residents, we developed an orienteering race event in 2017.
With the help of a sports club, a professional course was developed with a specially prepared map. Stations were set up at interesting locations, and participants times of arrival were recorded during the race. At the end, a reward ceremony was held. More than fifty residents of the Foundation actively participated in the first orienteering race! Because of this, we are planning to make this unique event an annual activity.

Please consider donating, so we can continue to offer our orienteering race event in the coming years!

Andre suffers from spastic tetraplegia, the most intense form of cerebral palsy. In his case, a defect in the brain prevents muscle movement from being fully carried out. Intellectual development is also delayed, and muscles are stiffened. Andre depends on a special wheelchair and permanent assistance, guidance, and motivation. Time with horses makes Andre – and with him many other residents of the Foundation - happy.

Riding Horses: Relaxation of soul, mind, and body.

Horseback riding is particularly suitable for people with paralysis, spasticity, or amputations. The warmth of the horse’s back relaxes the muscles, while the rhythmic movement stimulates body, mind, and soul, leading to relaxation for the rider. Riding also helps train postural, balance, and supportive responses, as well as increases the regulation of muscle tension. Perception and mental acumen are also positively benefited.

Our riding area is located on the edge of Neinstedt, on the Rumberg. Children, adolescents, and adults with physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development disabilities receive comprehensive support here. In the future, an indoor riding arena will be built, so residents can go horseback riding even in bad weather.

Please consider donating, so that we can continue to offer horseback riding for many years to come!


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