Workshop Council

The Workshop Council of the Teamwork Workshops represents the interests of employees in all locations (Neinstedt and Thale). The employees elect their representative for four years and work under the guidelines of the Regulations for Diaconal Workshop Participation – DWMVO.
Members of the Workshop Council are contact persons for workplace problems. In consultation with workshop leadership, the council advocates for the improvement of working conditions. The Workshop Council busies itself among other things with the reward system and social-political framework of the workshop’s work. In addition, discussions are held with political representatives at the local, state, and federal levels.
The work of the Workshop Council is supported through regular continuing education opportunities.


Manuel Gonsior (Neinstedt),
Andre Przyborowski (Thale)

Vice Chair:
Ronny Eschenröder (Neinstedt), Martin Glas (Thale)

Members: Yvonne Juhe, Steve Tannenberg, Gerd Kühnel, Carmen Kluthmann, Thomas Seise

Woman's Representative: Eileen Weigelt (Vertrauensperson: Frau Bemmann)


Jens Möhring
Vertrauensperson Werkstattrat Neinstedt
Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt
Am Rumberg 38
06502 Thale OT Neinstedt