Children’s Daycare Care Booster Club - Kuckucksberg

The booster club pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section „tax-privileged purposes“ of the tax code.

The purpose of the booster club is to promote our preschool materially above and beyond the budgetary means, such as through:

  • Organization of events for children and parents in the Kita, including events outside the Kita’s normal open hours.
  • Purchase of additional play equipment and/or materials
  • Purchase of other furnishings
  • Promotion of the Kita to the public
  • The booster club does not take any responsibilities of the institution or the educator(s).

Contact and contact person

Sandra Albrecht - Chairwoman of the association

Ralf Gottschalt - Deputy Chairman (educator of the Kita)

Antje Ritter - Treasurer

Annika Seemann - Secretary

The contact is above our Kita:
+49 (3946) 6328