Pro Tandala Association

The association „Pro Tandala e.V.“ is dedicated to supporting diaconal work in southern Tanzania. To fulfill this mission, we fundraise and organize educational-work exchanges between Tandala and Neinstedt. Every euro donated finds its way to work in Tandala. Yon can count on it.
As the people in Tanzania say, „Asante sana:“ Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Diakoniezentrum – Tandala

The Diakoniezentrum – Tandala is a partner of the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt, connected through worldwide Diakonie.

Tandala is located in southern Tanzania, north of Lake Njassa and home to the Kinga people, a small hill tribe of which our partners are members. The Ukinga is about 1500 meters (4900 feet) above sea level, and was Christianized by Lutheran missionaries at the end of the nineteenth century.

In 1985, two young men from Tanzania came to Neinstedt: Elikana Kitahenga and Sedekia Luvanda. Over the course of four years, they learned theology, disability assistance, and crafting skills. With this knowledge and experience in hand, they went back home to Tanzania in 1989 and were consecrated Deacons by their Bishop. The Diaconal Community of the Sisters and Brothers of the Lindenhof accepted them as members of the community. They took on the task of developing projects to encourge and empower children with disabilities to more fully join in the life of society.

As a result, they visited families where children with disabilities lived. They promoted the idea that these children are valuable people too, people who can do something.
These talks were successful. More and more families signed on to this basic idea. In the last thirty years, many children have come out of isolation. They were able to earn a school diploma and learn a craft or trade. This development has empowered people with disabilities to achieve a more equal position in society.
Over time, a Diaconal Center (Diakoniezentrum) has been established in the village of Tandala, in the South Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. This center actively addresses the social issues of the region.

The diaconal energy emanating from Tandala continues to change and enhance local parishes and society.

Tandala is a beautiful example of a sustainable investment project.

As part of the partnership between the Protestant Church in Central Germany and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, we can discuss global social and economic issues in collegial exchange with our Tanzanian colleagues, our sisters and brothers. We learn from each other.

In 2005, Faraja Mlelwa, a young man, was ordained a Deacon after six years of diaconal formation. He is also a member of the Diaconal Community in Neinstedt, which helped finance his education. He works in a rural area, about 150 km (93 miles) away from Tandala, with the mission of implementing the concept of working with children with disabilities.

In 2011, Kirimia Ilomo came to Neinstedt for two years of diaconal education and formation. He then completed training as a physical therapist at the vocational school in Quedlinburg. With the help oft he Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt and Deacon Torten Strauß, physical therapy was established at the Diakoniezentrum—Tandala. Kirimia Ilomo has been working in physical therapy since the summer of 2017, continue to expand Tandala’s offerings for people with disabilities.
Since 2016, two colleagues from Tanzania have been working annually in Voluntary Social Year and Federal Voluntary Service at the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt. These programs allow for an exchange of expertise and strengthens the community between colleagues in Neinstedt and Tandala.

The Diakoniezentrum—Tandala aims to work for:

  • the strengthening of families with children with disabilities;
  • the education of children with disabilities;
  • providing physical therapy to people with disabilities;
  • the vocational training of people with disabilities;
  • the continuing education and formation of diaconal staff;
    the strengthening of social, technical, and business know-how in the Diakoniezentrum.



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