Resident Advisory Council

The Resident Advisory Council represents the interests of the residents of the Foundation from the outside, and advocates from the outside on their behalf. Council members speak with residents about any and all questions regarding life in the facility as well as encourages daily cooperation regarding residents‘ ideas and wishes. The council seeks to provide resolutions to disagreements and introduce suggestions toward general improvement. The council is focussed especially on housing, compliance with house rules, food, drink, and recreation time arragements.

The Resident Advisory Council is elected by Foundation residents every four years. The work of this council is supported through regular continuning education opportunities.
Representatives of the Resident Advisory Board are active in the national committee work. (Residential Committee of DW EKM, Round Table for People with Disabilities in Saxony-Anhalt)


Peggy Teichmann

Members: Regina Henning, Christa Wetzel, Brunhilde Henze, Andreas Buchholz, Volker Schoodt, Hans-Jürgen Mattstedt, Alexander von Garczynski, Katrin Manzke


Eva Schwanitz
Koordination und Aufnahmeberatung
Eva  Schwanitz
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