Children’s Daycare and After-School Care Booster Club

For the last fifteen years, the Booster Club has represented the interests of our children in daycare and after school care.

Currently, Birgit Broutschek serves as club president and treasurer. She is supported by Barbara Remuhs as deputy, and four other board members.

We raise funds through various activities, such as our two famous flea markets, the salad buffet at the annual festival, and booths at various festivals in the preschool.

The proceeds from these events focus on the needs of each group, such as a surprise at the beginning oft he school year or Autumn Festival. Every year, we try to organize a special field trip as a highlight for our children, in conjunction with our preschool and after school care teachers.

We also help with the purchase of high-quality sand toys, wagons, and new bicycle helmets.

Helpers are always welcome

Anyone who wants to participate can do so with an annual contribution of only €6.00. Please print and fill out this PDF, and leave it with your signature at the daycare or after school care center.