Psychiatric Hospital

Inpatient Treatment Available at the Psychiatric Hospital

The Evangelic Psychiatric Hospital „Hildegard von Bingen“ offers 40 inpatient beds for patients with mental illness and/or addiction from around the area. The manageability of our facility makes individual, personalized treatment possible.

Inpatient treatment is useful if the patient needs relief from everyday demands and challenges in a controlled and protected environment. Any condition treated in our outpatient/day-clinic facilities can also be treated in our inpatient environment.

Inpatient admission usually occurs upon referral by a specialist, other psychiatric outpatient department or the Psychiatric Ambulatory Clinic.

However, inpatient treatment is not possible if a compulsory treatment is judicially mandated as a result of aggressive harm of self or others or refusal of treatment.

Treatment Spectrum
Therapy options
Patient Information

Im Fachkrankenhaus werden folgende psychische Krankheitsbilder bei Erwachsenen behandelt:

  • Depressionen
  • Anpassungsstörungen bei psychosozialer Konfliktlage
  • Belastungsreaktionen nach traumatisierenden Ereignissen
  • Angststörungen
  • Zwangsstörungen
  • Somatoforme Störungen
  • Essstörung infolge anderweitiger psychischer Konfliktsituationen
  • Persönlichkeitsstörungen
  • Suchterkrankungen
  • Demenz
  • Verhaltensstörungen bei Menschen mit Lern- und geistiger Behinderung

Individual Therapeutic Offerings

  • Psycho therapeutic one-to-one sessions
  • Psycho therapeutic group sessions
  • Accompanying talks with the nursing professionals
  • Social educational support
  • Physical therapy
  • Ergo therapeutic options
  • Art therapy
  • Varied relaxation techniques
  • Psychoeducation
  • Pastoral accompaniment and devotions
  • Extensive activities i.R. of the groups - care therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Animal therapy (dog)
  • Horseback riding
  • Movement in the warm movement pool

Medical and Psychological Diagnostics

  • Comprehensive psycho diagnostics
  • EEG (Electroencephalograph)
  • EKG (Electrocardiogram)
  • Laboratory tests

Drug treatment as a part of regular medical visits

Admission Management

For treatment in our facility, you need a hospital admission form from your primary care physician or a specialist. Registration of patients with addictions should be done through an addiction center, which also handles aftercare.

Bring along:

  • Referral card from the primary care physician or attending specialist, as well as
  • Chip card
  • Swimwear
  • Sports wear (change of shoes)
  • Any medications, except those subject tot he Narcotics Act.
  • Records from past hospital stays/primary care physician or specialist

An emergency treatment takes place when the emergency medical service or emergency physician determines an urgent need for treatment.

A compulsory psychiatric treatment according to the Psychiatric Care Act of Saxony-Anhalt cannot occur in our facility.

Costs of treatment are covered by the corresponding health insurance fund or the responsible social insurance institution. The co-payment for treatment complies with the applicable statutory provisions.

Management of Hospital Discharge

Discharge from full or partial inpatient treatment will involve participation from various occupational groups, including physicians, psychotherapists, and social services.
The time of your discharge is determined by the attending physician, taking into account your needs and wishes, as well as your pathogen history.

For statutory health insured persons, the Framework Agreement Dismissal Management under §39 Abs. (1a) S.9 SGB V is effective as of October 1, 2017.

Further information can be found in the Patient Information on Dismissal Management, according to §39 Abs. 1a S.9 SGB V.


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