Lung Clinic

Specialist Hospital for Pulmonary and Bronchial Diseases

The Lung Clinic Ballenstedt/Harz GmbH is a specialized hospital for lung and bronchial diseases in the Protestant Christian tradition.

Clinic Departments:

  • Department of Pneumology
  • Department of Intensive Care and Respiratory Medicine
  • Department of Pneumological Oncology and Palliative Care with outpatient hospice service
  • Specialized diagnostic departments
  • Sleep Lab and Sleep Respiratory Center

The Lung Clinic Ballenstedt/Harz GmbH is affiliated with and sponsored by the Harzklinkum Dorothea Christiane Erzleben GmbH and the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt.


Lungenklinik Ballenstedt/Harz gGmbH
Robert-Koch-Str. 26-27
D-06493 Ballenstedt
+49 (39483) 70 - 0
+49 (39483) 70 - 190