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Wohn- und Betreuungsangebot für unbegleitete minderjährige Ausländer

Since October 26, 2015, the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt has offered to take care of up to 26 young people. The conceptual basis of this program and its further development continue in constant dialogue with the occupational youth welfare offices.

In addition, since the autumn of 2016, we have been providing six places in accordance with SGB VIII §41 in conjunction with §34 SGB VIII for further autonomy and integration. With this, follow-up care to encourage young people in becoming independent will be made possible.
The aim of our work in refugee aid is intensive relationship building work, as well as resource-orienting work. The results in the pedagogical tasks of this endeavor are:

  • Let the young people find their new center of life.
  • Provide a secure place within a pedagogical frame of reference within a family-friendly living environment (extended family).
  • Provide emotional care and affection, in order to build stable relationships.
  • Give human attention.
  • Develop a mutual understanding of culture in order to learn new approaches to communion.
  • Establish networking to improve integration into society, and build and promote cross-cultural work in free time and in formal education.
  • Promote youth activities in clubs and other recreational areas (music, sports, culture, etc.).
  • Introduce the young people to a structured daily routine, as well as the necessary processes of coping with everyday life (especially with regard to independent living).
  • The elimination of achievement gaps due to lack of educational opportunity, and the development of appropriate German-language skills for school and apprenticeship.
  • The (further) development of individual resource-oriented funding opportunities.
  • Support in the development of leisure interests and hobbies.
  • Leading toward an individual and independent life on one’s own.

Cooperation partners and networks open up new opportunities and possibilities that are important for integrative work and personal development.

The Paca Domo works closely with:

  • legal representatives,
  • community and local services: Evangelische Beratungsstelle QLB, Community Center – Bode,
  • Educational and training facilities: Thale Nord Secondary School, BBS Heinrich-Mette QLB, BTZ Thale, DAA Halberstadt, Hotel Harzer Land Allrode,
  • Regional associations: SV Stahl Thale,
  • Regional and state authorities and institutions: BAMF, Immigration Office LK Harz, Youth Welfare Office LK Harz,
  • Diaconal Work of Central Germany’s Office of Migration,
  • The Refugee Council. 


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David Klaube
David Klaube
David Klaube
Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt
Wohn- und Betreuungsangebot Paca Domo
Osterberg 2
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