Apprenticeship as a Special Needs Caregiver

Part-time training

You would like to train as a teacher of healing and would like to earn money right from the start? Then our extra-occupational training is the right one for you, even as a career changer!

Special Needs Caregivers are skilled workers in many institutions within our Foundation. They are dedicated to assisting in the care of and advocacy for people with intellectual, physical, and/or emotional disabilities, and are guided by their resources. In addition to comprehensive care activities, the focus of this work is on holistic living units and individual personality development. The aim is to ensure the greatest possible independence of people with disabilities in all matter of life, as well as equal participation in our society. This work needs people with heart, hands, brains, and humor – sound like you?

We offer:

  • an innovative theoretical education at the Evangelical Protestant School for Special Needs Caregivers – Neinstedt
  • changing positions of practice in the facilities of our Foundation throughout the apprenticeship period
  • an apprenticeship allowance according to AVR of 50% (about €950.00 gross, plus supplementary monies)
  • Mentors as a companion in the respective practice location
  • the possibility of a practicum or volunteer position prior to the apprenticeship, in order to get to know the work area before applying
  • a priority interest in a permanent position and further professional development, upon successful completion of the apprenticeship
Duration & Completion
Entry Requirements

Theoretical training at the Evangelical Protestant School for Special Needs Caregivers is comprised of the following requirements:

An additional, interdisciplinary field of study, such as:

  • German, English, Economics and Social Studies, or Religion and Diaconal Study (part of the formation to be Deacon with the affiliated Diaconal School Lindenhof)

Seven discipline-related learning fields:

  • Professional identity and personal perspective
  • Building of relationship, forming and accompanying group processes,
  • Analyze and shape living environments with people with disabilities,
  • Individual support and care for people with impairments,
  • Develop and implement perception, movement, music, and design,
  • Realize, evaluate, and document process-related care methods,
  • Organized work processes and ensure quality.

Dedicated subject teachers and honorary lecturers from our Foundation and from relevant fields shape our innovative teaching in the apprenticeship.

The practical work takes place in residential areas for people with intellectual or emotional disabilities, the day care, the sheltered workshop (WfbM), or the special needs school of the Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt.

The four-year apprenticeship is an extra-occupational apprenticeship.

You complete about 20 hours of lessons per week, and about 20 hours in practice. Classwork takes place on two to three weekdays. The classes consist of up to 20 participants.

The apprenticeship is completed according to the specifications of the Ministry of Education of Saxony-Anhalt with:

  • three final exams,
  • appropriate oral examinations,
  • a practical examination.

After successful completion of the apprenticeship, you are entitled

to bear the title „Licensed Special Needs Caregiver.“

As a rule, you need a General Certificate of Secondary Education, and to have completed vocational training in a social services field (e.g., two-year training as a social assistant) in order to apply.

Alternatively, you can fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • four years‘ experience in a social work field,
  • a degree from a technical school,
  • non-specialist training with an internship in social work.

Please peruse our overview of the apprenticeship training materials. paths to training. We are also happy to advise you individually.

If you do not have credited periods, feel free to contact us. If possible, we can offer you a practical opportunity in advance of the apprenticeship.

Please send us your apprenticeship application to the following address:

Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt
Evangelische Fachschule für Heilerziehungspflege
Lindenstr. 2
06502 Thale / OT Neinstedt

The technical school would like to get to know you as early as possible. After receiving your application materials, we will schedule a personal interview with you. Dates are agreed upon before school starts on the third Tuesday of each month from February to July, between 13:00 and 15:00.

Your application is welcome until the beginning of the school year!

Due to the current regulations of the state education department, admission to the apprenticeship is only possible through the tenth working day after the start of the program.

Please submit the following application documents:

  • a statement of purpose for the apprenticeship,
  • a tabular CV,
  • certified school and training certificates,
  • certified proof of professional activities and qualifications.

You may obtain a certification of photocopied documents from the civil offices of your city or municipality.

We look forward to receiving your application and are always available if you have further questions!

Address for applications

Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt
Evangelische Fachschule für Heilerziehungspflege

Lindenstraße 2
06502 Thale, OT Neinstedt